Saturday, April 18, 2009

Found Poem

This is a poem I found while de-cluttering before Easter.  It was written the day my spouse proposed to me:

To my partner in the body,
 Whose gaze fills me with love,
 In whose arms I am blessed with peace;

To my partner in the heart,
 With whom I share the delights of life,
 With whom my voice and feelings sing;

To my partner in the mind,
 Who can understand, share, and
 spur on my ponderings;

To my partner in the spirit,
 In whom my own spirit rejoices,
 To find a soul with whom I may
 Love and serve our God;

I now pledge to be your partner,
Until death and throughout eternity.
I look forward to having you
as a partner through the dance of life,
growing, teaching, learning,
mourning, celebrating, rejoicing,
    mind and body,
    heart and spirit,

Until we meet with our loved ones
at our Father's and our Savior's feet.

All my love...


Person said...

You made me cry!

Okishdu said...

Lovely. As I understand it came from stopping to read the papers instead of just tossing everything out.