Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mission 2: Progress

Awesome progress in just a couple of days. The hallway is now clear,
all shelves are now mounted to walls, and the amazing abundance of
light bulbs of all shapes, sizes; both burned out and brand new, are
now consolidated into two bins on a single shelf.

I'm using a system I learned from an organizer who used to work for
Don Aslett, author of many, many cleaning books, including "Who Says
It's a Woman's Job to Clean?"

You bring up a small pile/box of stuff. Sort it into three categories:

Don't Know.

Put the "Keep" away. Put the Toss into the proper bin(s).

Go through the "Don't Know pile and sort into the above three categories.

Rinse and repeat.

On the third and final go round, you must make a decision on every
item, to either keep it or toss it.

Now off to freecycle some of my "Toss" that I don't want going to a landfill.

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