Monday, March 23, 2009


In March 2009 I'd fallen a bit off the decluttering wagon.

The obvious reason is I had three weeks worth of business trips.

Plus the "fun" part was over.  The first hundred and more Freecycle items were easily plucked from the surface of the clutter in our main living areas.  Now I would actually have to go through the rooms that have served as storage/dump areas.

Around this time a friend on another forum offered to coach a couple of folks on motivation for free in preparation for a project of his own.  I waited for a few days, then put my name on the list.

The first telecon clarified my goal.  I have other pursuits in my life, but the more I considered, the "organization" goal is the one that is most important at this time.

During that first telecon, I committed to clear out the basement bathroom and guest room.  Despite unexpected time sinks over the week, I was able to accomplish enough to claim victory.

During the second telecon, we talked about what motivates me.

It isn't usually sufficient for me to set a goal for myself in isolation.  But give me a person I care about to whom I am responsible for an outcome, and I'll do what it takes to redeem my word.

So that is the reason for this blog.  To document the process of digging out.

I don't mind if this is of use to someone else, but altruism isn't why I'm doing this.

I'm blogging my process of digging out to gain human energy from interaction with others to help see me through to the goal - a home that is not consumed by the cancer of unwanted clutter.

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